Resting Mask - Lightproof and 3D Comfort

Resting Mask - Lightproof and 3D Comfort

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Necku 4 Avantages

- NEW - (very limited quantity)

Rest mask, sleep mask, travel mask... Call it what you like. What is important is that this is the ultimate relaxation accessory and an ideal complement to the use of your cervical relaxation hammock.

✅ The shape of the mask is designed to adapt to your face and totally block the passage of unwanted light for maximum relaxation.

✅ Cut from ultra-light breathable foam and covered with a very soft coating, this rest mask will effectively relax your eye.

✅ Hypoallergenic and latex-free, it has been designed to respect your health.

✅ The preformed 3D alveoli on the eyeballs allow great freedom of movement of the eyes and avoid the compression effect found with many night masks.

✅ The attachment with self-gripping straps allows a quick and precise adjustment.

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